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DFK UK & Ireland Limited is an association of independent accounting firms registered in England and Wales (No. 05380819) whose registered office is at Room 120, Temple Chambers, 3-7 Temple Avenue, London, EC4Y 0HP.

DFK UK & Ireland is a trading style of DFK UK & Ireland Limited, a UK incorporated company of which the members are directors and shareholders.

A list of members of DFK UK & Ireland Limited is available at the registered office.

Registered Office: Room 120, Temple Chambers, 3-7 Temple Avenue, London, EC4Y 0HP

VAT number: 564 4830 27

Terms and Conditions

The contents of this site are the copyright of DFK UK & Ireland Limited unless otherwise stated.

The content of this website may be downloaded to a storage disc or printed for your own personal use. Materials may be copied to third parties if this is solely for their own personal use provided that the DFK UK & Ireland copyright is acknowledged.

No part of this website may be copied, distributed or incorporated into any other publication or equivalent document or website for any commercial purpose without the written permission of DFK UK & Ireland Limited.

Requests for such permission should be addressed to info@dfkuk.com

At all times the disclaimer reproduced on this website applies to all materials on the website.

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